Need to know more about o2omore?
Here we will tell you who we are and what are our missions and visions!

We are a Team.

We have certain practical experience in IT industry since 2010 until present. We are a team provide brain-storming ideas and concepts to serve the market demand. We always believe in unique creativity is the main strategy to fulfill the clients’ requirements.

As a result, an excellent team, our members include Admin, Designer, Developer, Programmer & Engineer where each of them is equipped with different skills and technique.

Our Vision

To be a global renowned Business Management Consultancy and Branding Marketing Agency in helping both online and offline merchants through providing professional consultation, strategy and solutions in line with client’s business pace and company direction.

To build our platform (O2O MORE) to become a global platform which is an online marketplace that can stimulate global economy with a series of AI system and unique strategy. Meanwhile, we are doing Research & Development for E-Wallet (O2O Pay) which is integrated with Block Chain Technology System. It will be an unique Online & Offline Payment Gateway System.

Our Mission

To become a quality management team with a series of Standard of Procedure (SOP). Do everything we can, research and development from time to time in order to meet 3S: Sales, Service and Satisfaction, with international standard ISO Certified.

To recruit more talented IT Specialist to achieve our goal in the direction of entering the automation market environment and trend.


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